We have found most clients whose budgets are modest don’t get the best outcomes from some of the larger DSP’s. The algorithms are written for clients who spend over $100,000 a month. How do smaller clients get better results? We need to be smarter and being smarter in programmatic means finding the right impressions faster.

We’ve developed that solution.

Our system refreshes every 60-seconds, by far the industry’s leading rate – this ensures the most current data is used, while removing stale data. This feature drives everything our platform does from targeting, optimization, pricing efficiency and brand safety/fraud prevention.  This allows us to find the right impressions faster and better.

Our real time bidding system is scalable and powerful, currently managing over 400,000 bid requests per second and responding to those requests within 50 milliseconds. Combined with the data discussed above, this ensures we are making the right connections and identifying the impressions that will drive performance.

In real-time our system scans each impression for contextual relevancy and applies a score. If the score meets the requirements of a given campaign, and all brand safety/fraud prevention requirements are met – we’ll secure the impression. 

In multiple campaigns we’ve delivered outstanding CTR’s (over 0.3%) with strong conversion rates at CPM’s that will ensure your clients are successful.